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Jun 11, 2021

Dave’s remix was pretty good but will he ever do better than the classic Bob’s a cunt?
Bob’s intro took an important swipe at Andrew who really isn’t taking this shit seriously. What gives Andrew? What are you doing with your life?
Devan really brought the energy.
Andrew takes medication now? Interesting

Jun 4, 2021

John does a remix this week of his obsession with Dave who lives in Australia, has a superiority complex and is dying of Parkinson's. Dave laughs a little too hard. The remix is pretty good. Dave also did an epic 9-minute remix of his obsession with John which is a Content Kings Patreon exclusive.

Superstar Andrew...

May 30, 2021

John is the greatest member of Rubberneckers. We need John. Bob’s intros are really coming along. Awesome job Bob!

Theme tune needs a re-record Devan’s voice is too quiet but what can you do when Dave is doing the editing, not John the master editor. Dave tries to give himself the needle of Jacob after our former...

May 21, 2021

Bob puts less sauce on his intro this week. Good job Bob. Devan introduces a new introduction and flubs a little which could have totally been edited by John but John didn’t for unknown reasons. Good job Devan. John mentions Dave’s tapioca pudding remix which can only be heard on the Patreon version of the...

May 14, 2021

Our Twitter: @rubberneckers69

Dave wants you to sign up to the Patreon $3.00 tier to watch the show live and hear the rest of the aftershow. John thinks it's a waste of your money, you would get more for your $3.00 giving it to a homeless person.

Bob to re-record intro without weird...